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Guitar Instructors

Kyle Wilson

Currently part of the band “Divine Curse”, Kyle Wilson has a great deal of experience from playing shows throughout Southern Ontario. He has been familiar with the guitar for over 14 years thanks to his father, Ken Wilson, who was the first to put the instrument in his hands when he was just 9 years old.

Kyle graduated from Metalworks Institute with a diploma in Audio Production & Engineering back in 2019, and has since carried on to put out an album on all streaming services with his bandmates.

Now currently producing the second album for his band, Kyle likes to spend a lot of his time recording and mixing music, aspiring to be an astounding audio engineer.

Inspirations include Synyster Gates, Marc Okubo, Michael Keene, and Oli Herbert. With his abilities mainly involved in Metal music, he contains an ear to teach his students the musical skills needed to pursue any style of music.

Luke Myroniw

Luke has been an avid musician for more than half his life. Before he entered Humber’s Intro Jazz program, he has had the opportunity to play blues gigs all across the U.S. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, to the Kingston Mines in Chicago, he has earned valuable experience in gigging. He is eager to share his knowledge with other passionate musicians.

Luke is currently studying Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major) at Metalworks Institute. He specializes in Rock, Metal, Jazz and Jazz Finger Style.

Abu Ghouri

Abu is an experienced educator, performer, and composer in the Guelph region. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Humber College in Voice and is currently recording his first studio album.
Abu has trained with many renowned instructors including Elaine Overholt, Shannon Gunn, Lorraine Lawson, Orville Heyn, and Yvette Tollar.
He primarily teaches in the styles of Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Classical Piano, with Jazz and R&B being his speciality, with a heavy gospel influence in his style. He has educated kids since 2016 and has taught voice and piano since 2017.
Abu can help a student expand their skills and make them feel more comfortable and confident in expressing and sharing their gifts and is passionate about inspiring his students to achieve their musical goals.

Abu teaches Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele and Music Theory.

Chad Davidson

Chad first picked up a guitar at the age of 7 and has had an unending desire to play ever since.
With over 15 years of private lessons with some of the Guelph and the surrounding areas finest
instructors (Jeremy Pink, Jason Raso and Stephen Richards) Chad has developed a deep
understanding of what it takes to become a confident and well rounded guitar player.

Inspired by players such as Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, John Petrucci and Plini;
Chad specializes in Classic Rock/Blues as well as Modern Metal but his knowledge does not
stop there. Over the past few years Chad has spent time exploring different genres and styles
including Classical, Jazz and Pop music. On top of this Chad has also spent years pushing
himself into the world of extended range guitars as he feels right at home on both 6 and 7 string
versions of the instrument.

As a guitar instructor, Chad's goal is to help his students discover the confidence within
themselves to push them to become the guitar player that they want to be.

Dylan Ryche

Dylan Ryche is a composer and musician and the 2012 winner of the prestigious Canadian Fingerstyle Competition. Prominent guitar website has described Ryche as "... a compositional genius".

Taking inspiration from such diverse artists as Yes, Dream Theater, Journey, Don Ross and KISS, he has developed his own brand of melodic and dynamic fingerstyle guitar playing which was showcased on his acclaimed 2011 debut record aptly title "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar".

He holds a music degree from the Box Hill College of Music in Melbourne, Australia, is a regular contributor to Fingerstyle360 magazine and has taught countless students - both in person at the studio and internationally via Skype and enjoys sharing the gift of music with others.

He can be found playing around Ontario solo and has shared the stage with such virtuosic musicians as Ewan Dobson, Maneli Jamal and Calum Graham.

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Greg Schwan

Greg's passion for music is expressed through his creative abilities as an active singer/songwriter with a strong interest in folk rock music. Holding weekly open mic nights at local pubs here in Guelph, he enjoys engaging and connecting with music lovers of all levels.

Greg began his musical journey with the bass in 2006, and quickly picked up the guitar closely thereafter and began training in audio production at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Upon his return to Ontario, he entered the Applied Music Program at Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Greg enjoys music with his students in both a private and class setting, and founded the program "School of Roctave" with Octave Music where students focus on songwriting and improvisation.

Greg has a real world approach with his students, guiding them in a fun and exciting way to become self-sufficient in understanding composition and musicianship.

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