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The Octave Music Centre Guelph Ontario has been offering professional electric and acoustic guitar repair services for over 20 years!

Restring . Cleaning . Intonation . Restoration . Pickup Install . Vintage Repair . Crack Repair

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General Information

  • Prices Are Quoted in Canadian Dollars.
  • Prices are for labour only. Parts not included unless specified.
  • Set-up is not included in repair prices (unless noted) but is often required.
  • **This Price Guide is for generalization purposes and does not include all work that can be performed**

Service and Rates

  • Bench Rate: $75.00 per hour
  • Minimum Charge: $30.00
  • Repair Estimate: no charge
  • Major Repair / Restoration Estimate: $75.00

In-Store Services

Re-String and Basic Clean
Re-string, tune, and clean and condition fingerboard and body
Six String Guitar – Steel Strings $30.00
Twelve String Guitar – Steel Strings $40.00
Six String Guitar – Nylon Strings $40.00
Electric Guitar with Tremolo (Stratocaster type, Bigsby type, etc.) $40.00
Folk Instrument (Banjo, Mandolin, Uke) $30.00
Violin Restring $30.00

Shop Services

Complete Set-Up
Includes initial internal and /or external inspection, hardware check, clean and condition fingerboard, fret polish, truss rod
adjustment, saddle and nut height adjustment, adjusting action for best playability, adjusting intonation, pickup balance,
bridge adjustment, lubrication of hardware, checking the electronics and final inspection and play, test, etc.
Acoustic Guitar $75.00
Bass (4, 5 and 6 string) $75.00 – $105.00
Electric Guitar
$75.00 – $90.00
Electric Guitar with Tremolo (Stratocaster type, Bigsby type, etc.) $105.00
Locking Tremolo Guitar $130.00
12 String Acoustic Guitar $90.00
Banjo $130.00 and up
Ukulele (tenor, soprano and baritone) $65.00
Resonator Guitar $105.00
Fret Work
Complete Fret Level and Recrown (including Set-up) $260.00
Minimum Fret Dress (Level and Bus Frets and including Set-up) $135.00
Partial Re-fret (2 to 9 Frets as Required) – $12.50/Per fret PLUS Complete Fret Level
And Recrown (Including Set-up)
Heat Press (no Guarantee) $75.00
Glue and Re-Seat Frets $65.00
Dress Fret Ends $50.00
Re-Fret (Plus Set-up, plus $10.00 for parts. Stainless Steel add $50 labour and $20 parts)
Re-Fret – Unbound Fingerboard $400.00
Re-Fret – Bound Fingerboard $450.00
Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish) $475.00
Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (tint lacquer gloss finish) $500.00
Re-Fret Rickenbacker Finished Fingerboard with Wood Fill $600.00
Re-fret Mandolin (Unbound/Bound Fingerboard) $350.00 – $400.00
Custom Nut Work (Plus Set-up) – Bone is the Preferred Material
New Guitar Bass and Banjo Nut (add $15.00 for parts) $75.00 and up
New 12 string Guitar Nut (add $15.00 for parts) $90.00
New Mandolin Nut (add $15.00 for parts) $90.00
Install Fender LSR or Floyd Rose Lock Nut $150.00
Install Pre-Slotted Plastic Nut $50.00
Custom Saddle Work (Plus Set-up) – Bone is the Preferred Material
New Saddle with Compensated B string (add $15.00 for parts) $60.00
New Saddle with Fully Intonated profile (add $15.00 for parts/12string add $25.00 parts ) $75.00 – $100.00
Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot $130.00
Install Tuning Machines
Direct Retro Fit $60.00
Different Style (Includes Filling Screw Holes and Minimum Touch-Up) $75.00 – $90.00
Bass Guitar Work (Plus Set-up)
Plane Fretless Bass $150.00
De-Fret Bass and True Fingerboard for Fretless Conversion $230.00
Structural Repairs
Cracked Headstock (With Minimum Touch-Up) $100.00 and up
Head-Splice (With Re-Finishing as Necessary) $ Hourly rate
Top, Rim and Back Cracks (including touch up) $60 – $75.00 Each and Up
Cleats for Reinforcing Crack repairs $20.00 each and Up
Re-Glue Loose Braces $60 – 75.00 Each and Up
Neck Re-Sets (Includes Minimum Fret Level and Set-Up)
Will require a Replacement Saddle and Possible Fingerboard Wedge at an Additional Cost
Martin and Larrivee Style $600.00
Bolt-on Style (Taylor, Furch, etc.) $200.00 and Up
Gibson and Other Styles $700.00 and Up
Bridge Work
Bridge Shave $60.00
Sub-Plate $60.00
Replace Bridge-Plate $150.00 and Up
Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge $150.00
Re-Glue Classical/ Fan Style Braced Bridge $200.00
Re-Glue Gibson J-200 Style Bridge $200.00
New Custom Martin Style Bridge with Saddle, plus Rosewood or Ebony Blank $280.00 +$15(RW)+25(Ebony)
New Custom Pyramid Style Bridge with Saddle plus Rosewood or Ebony Blank $350.00 +$15(RW)+25(Ebony)
New Custom Classical Style Bridge (Includes Finishing) Hourly Rate
All custom wiring work is quoted at hourly rate plus parts.
Acoustic pickup installation – under saddle single source, dual source, condenser mic, etc. $75.00 – $100.00 and Up
Pickup potting $75.00 to $100.00 per Pickup
Shielding of control cavities $75.00 and Up
Troubleshooting Hourly Rate
Electric Guitar or Bass Complete re-wire $65.00 and Up
Install Brickhouse Guitars/SGI NS3 Transducer System $90.00
Touchups $60.00 and Up
Specialty Items
Install Banjo head (plus parts) $75.00 – $130.00
Install Skin Banjo head (plus parts) $150.00 – $175.00
Replacing Bolt-On style Necks $130.00 and Up
Guitar Kit Assembly $175.00 and Up
Resonator Install $175.00 and Up
Custom Routing Hourly Rate
Zither (Autoharp) – Tuning $115.00
Mountain Dulcimer – Setups $65.00
Custom Pickguards Installed (Plus Materials)
Flamenco Tap Plates Mylar (Standard Shape as per Template) $65.00
Martin Style $60.00
Electric Guitar Pickguards $130.00 and Up
Left-Handed Conversion
New Custom Nut (add $15.00 for parts) $75.00
Fill and Re-Cut Saddle Slot $120.00
New Saddle with Compensated B-String (add $15.00 for parts) $60.00
Position Dots (Up to Body Joint Only) $75.00