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Our recitals are a very fun and engaging way to encourage our students to share all of the wonderful skills they have learned throughout the year! We sincerely believe that the act of performing should be about inspiring, building community, and embracing the joy of music without the worry or fear of making mistakes. The experience of sharing to the world everything you’ve been working on and are passionate about is integral to the development of any musician at any level!

The teachers are present during recitals and are there to offer support and encouragement to their students, and to help them play through their piece, if required.

Throughout the school term, we hold three recitals and one special Halloween Benefit Concert. One of three regular recitals are included in the administration fee that you’ve already paid if you’re an enrolled student.

Recitals are held at the

Guelph Youth Music Centre

75 Cardigan Street

Guelph, Ontario

Map & Directions to the Guelph Youth Music Centre


Benefit Concert

October 29th, 2023


This is the recital where we get to dress up in our Halloween costumes to perform with the spookiest decorations, candy, and enjoy fun activities like our haunted house and

photo booth! This year we will even be holding a costume contest! Details will be provided at the end of September.

This recital is a little different and not a part of the recitals that are included with your admin fee. This is a volunteer-based event for the teachers and staff, and 100% of the ticket sale proceeds go towards the Children’s Foundation in Guelph to encourage and support music for youth!

December 17th, 2022

Our holiday recital is a beautiful way to warm up our spirits with the gift of music before the holiday break! With festive decorations, baked goods and hot chocolate, students have the option to share the music from their own belief system, or any other song they wish!

March 3rd, 2024

This is an extra special recital where we roll out the red carpet! Literally! This is a semi-formal gala where students and parents get to dress up, and students perform

their favourite songs and get to really feel like a star! This year, we even have a very fun “Student Spotlight”. Leading up to the performance, we will post a spotlight every day of a different participating student, where we share a photo and a small biography for each student and what song they will be performing. This spotlight will be shared to all of our social media!

June 23rd, 2024

This wonderful recital is our last moment to get together as a group before the end of the year, and really where we get to share everything we’ve learned throughout the term. It is a big celebration and a perfect way to wrap up the end of the year before summer starts.

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